January 20, 2009 - Connectivism & Connective Knowledge

Meeting Topic - History of Educational Technology
  • George Siemens, Associate Director, R & D, Learning Technologies Centre at University of Manitoba, is our guest tonight. He will speak to us tonight about a connectivism, a learning theory for the digital age. He will also speak to us about CCK08, a recent Massive Open Online Course that he taught with the help of Stephen Downes. George has been a long-time blogger at elearnspace, and I highly encourage you to subscribe to the feed.

Check Your Progress
By now, you should have already accomplished the following:
  • Familiarized yourself with the course wiki, course assessments, and processes.
  • Set up a blog space, and shared the address with your instructor.
  • Begun posting to your blog at least 1-2/week on educational issues, reflections on the course, readings, or on other media related to education or educational technology.
  • Set up a Google account and begun subscribing to blogs of others.
  • Commenting on the blog posts of others.
  • Completed or be near completion of the introductory activity.
  • Begun documenting things you have attempted, and your reflections on these. This can be done to your blog, or to a separate offline document.

This Week's Tasks
  • Think about your major digital project. If you have preliminary ideas please send these to your instructor.
  • Continue to familiarize yourself with the tools and the course.
  • You may want to consider posting about tonight's session, or there is media below that you may want to use for inspiration.

Readings and Media

The Elluminate Recording for this Session can be found here (George Siemens' presentation starts at 27:00).