April 7, 2009 - Wrap Up

This is the copy of the email that went to all students. It seems that many of you are not getting my email messages so this is here as backup. See important details below:
Hi all,
To wrap up our course, I'm proposing the following format for tomorrow. I'd like everyone to speak for a few minutes on these points:
- Outline what you did for your final project, where we can find it, what you learned & roadblocks.
- Described what you learned overall in the course.
- Propose what could have made the experience better.

Also, to help out in the assessment process, it will be important that you share in a blog post (preferred) or somewhere else an overview of the final project. The more detail you can give about it, and the experience, the better (for assessment purposes). And, if you have not by now shared a PLN/PLE document via Google Docs (or otherwise) be sure to do so.