September 28, 2010

Connect HERE (via Elluminate) at 7 p.m. Saskatchewan Time (click to convert to your timezone)

Meeting Topic - History of Educational Technology & Intro to Learning Communities

Introductory Announcements
  • Welcome Mentors & Other Non-Credit Students - see update on Network Mentor project here.
  • Complete student Blog Bundle can be found here. Students should subscribe to each other (at the least) and support each other through comments.
  • Find EC&I 831 students here on Twitter using this TweepML (allows you to easily mass subscribe) list or via this regular Twitter list (allows you to follow the conversation without mass subscribing). You can also follow others who are using our hashtag #eci831 by performing a Twitter search.
  • For those of you who are using Delicious, you may want to follow and/or participate in the following tags including eci831 (general), eci831readings (articles, audio, video), or eci831tools (tools or info about tools).
  • Also, by tagging blogposts, tweets, videos, or really anything digital with eci831, we are then able to find relevant course content via Google Search, Google Alerts, or visual type search engines such as Spezify.
  • Next week I will start discussing possibilities for final projects.

Content That May Be Relevant to this Weeks Presentation

Weekly Tasks
  • You should now be posting regularly to your own blog with reflections about what you are learning in (or around) the course or via related readings (including text, audio, video, etc.) or interactions. You should also have now subscribed to at least the student Blog Bundle provided and have begun commenting on student posts.
  • There are several students who have now connected via Twitter.I am hoping that the majority of students (if not all) will give Twitter a try for at least the duration of the course. Students in the past have found it to be conducive to better understanding the content of the course and building professional networks for their practice and professional development.
  • I will suggest readings weekly (i.e., 'Media to Get You Thinking'), but those particular readings are not required. However, reading widely about the related topics and concepts (available through various media), reflecting on those readings, and sharing your knowledge via interactions (e.g., blog posts, Delicious postings, Twitter interactions) should be seen as a core activity of this course.
  • I will share examples of student final projects next week. Until then, you should start thinking about the type of project you'd like to do.

Media To Get You Thinking

The Elluminate Recording for this week is available here.