November 17, 2009

Connect HERE (via Elluminate) at 7 p.m. Saskatchewan Time (click to convert to your timezone)

Introductory Announcements:
  • The final class is in three weeks time. At the time, you should have some sort of learning artefact prepared. This could be a final comprehensive blogpost (or culminating series), audio or video reflection, screencast, etc. You may consider using one of the list tools on Alan Levine's 50+ Tools Wiki.

Meeting Topic - Remixing Education w/ Brian Lamb & Scott Leslie

Weekly Tasks:

These tasks are assigned to for-credit students, but we'd love participation from non-credit students! Use the appropriate tag (eci831, eci831readings, eci831tools) to become part of our conversation & learning.

Last Week (November 10 - November 16/09)
  • Respond to the question, "What are the new media literacies, and how should teachers and/or schools address these?". Here's a short video that you may want to use as a writing prompt.
  • Read Bud Hunt's (@budtheteacher) post on Internet filtering and the comments that follow. What are you views on filtering content in the classroom? How should teachers, schools, and districts/divisions deal with issues of content filtering? Support your points.

This Week (November 17 - November 23/09)
  • Experiment with one of the tools that Scott & Brian mentioned in tonight's session. Share your thoughts on the tool as it relates to education or information literacy (in your blog).

Other Readings and Media

The Elluminate Recording is available here.