*** This is the archive for EC&I 831 2007-2010 - this site is no longer being used. Please go to http://eci831.ca for the current course site.

Welcome to EC&I 831

EC&I 831 is an open access, graduate-level course offered by the University of Regina. The instructor is Dr. Alec Couros. This course is open to credit students (those taking the course for university credit) and to others, non-credit students, who would like to participate in a variety of non-formal ways.

Credit Students (Fall 2011) - READ THIS:

If you are officially registered in this course, please send your preferred email address to the instructor, Alec Couros, at couros@gmail.com. I will send out information pertaining to the course as soon as possible. We will be meeting online, once per week via web conferencing this semester. Please set aside Tuesdays, 7-8:30 p.m. Saskatchewan time for our synchronous events. Our first online session will be held September 13, 2010.

Non-Credit Students (Fall 2011) - READ THIS:

This course relies on the participation of non-credit students. Information will be posted here by late August 2011 regarding non-credit participation.