February 12 2008 - Spheres of Influence

Meeting Topic - Spheres of Influence/Collaborative Learning - Presented by Sharon Peters

Key Links
Sharon Peters - Musings: Just Learning
Sharons' Spheres of Influence Slides
Learn Quebec
Paulo Friere
Nichole Pinkard on Edtech Talk
Daniel Golman - "Social Intelligence"
Sharon's Daughter Meg uses Fiction Press to write
Meg talks with Freedman
Son Nat loves Runescape
Google Generation Podcast
Sharons students sking Youtube
Living Archive Project with Dave Cormier in PEI
Sharons Grade 7's Wiki
From Jerusalem to Montreal Grade 9
Teachers Without Borders
Dave Jonassen
Jen Wagner Technospuds Project
Differentation Electronic Portfolios
Women of the Web
Miguel Gughlin
Umind - Creating a Virtual School

Ustream Session Video

This Week's Assignments
  • Sharon asks "What are your spheres of influence?" This goes well with the themes of the past two weeks around the echo-chamber effect, and the idea that teachers should be encouraged to get online. So, reflect on some of these ideas in your blogs.
  • Continue to work on the collaborative wiki (group project) this week. Do you understand the project? Do you know how you will participate? Try to better understand this project, and begin your contribution.

Readings and Media
- Teens and Social Media - PEW Internet.
- Social Networking and Teens - PEW Internet.
- Identity 2.0 - Dick Hardt