February 5 2008 - Connectivism

Meeting Topic - Learning Networks and Connectivism - Presented by George Siemens

Key Links

Connectivism Blog
The Cathedral and the Bazaar
Duncan Watts Paper
Konrad Glogowski's Blog of Proximinal Development
Clarence Fisher's Remote Access

Ustream Session Video:

This Week's Assignments
  • I am really liking the way your blogging is coming along in your own spaces. You are commenting and linking to each other. One of the themes from Siemen's presentation was "intentional diversity". This concept was based around the idea that often we link to people who have similar values and interest. While this is generally OK, it also can produce the "echo chamber" effect and keep us from accepting or understanding differing opinions from our own. This is especially prevalent in online social networks. This may be something you'd like to contemplate in your weekly blog posts. Of course, there are many other themes you can go with instead.
  • Take a good look at our collaborative wiki (group project) this week. Do you understand the project? Do you know how you will participate? Try to better understand this project, and begin your contribution.

Readings and Media
- What is Web 2.0? Ideas, Technologies and Implications for Education - Paul Anderson
- If a Picture is a Worth 1000 Words ... (click on the photo for video) - Brian Crosby's Classroom

Tonight's Recorded Elluminate Session.