EC&I 831 - Participant Directory

For-credit course participants, please add your photo (if you feel comfortable), name, blog address, a brief bio description. If you are motivated, you may create a new wikipage and link to it from this page. It is my hope that by including this information, we will get to know each other a bit better.

Also see former student directory - Winter 2008, Winter 2009, Fall 2009.


Alec Couros

See my bio here.



Lisa M Lane
I am a history instructor at MiraCosta College, a community college in southern California. I also lead a group of volunteer faculty in helping our instructors learn to teach well online. I have been teaching online since 1998.

My course blog.
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Shawna Stangel
Hi Everyone! I am an Instructional Consultant with Regina Public Schools. This is my first year in a consultant position and I am embracing the challenge that this type of work will bring with it. I know that my learning curve will steep. I am married and have two great girls who keep me very busy as I am usually the official chauffeur and #1 fan in the stands. I look forward to learning with you all this term.

Blog: Connections
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Angela Byrnes
I am an administrator and teacher with Prairie Valley School Division. This year I have a grade 7/8 homeroom with History 20 thrown in for good measure. I have been teaching for 8 years and this is my third course in the graduate program and second online course.

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Jennifer Hall
I am a Program Integrity Officer with the Immigration Services Division, Ministry of Advanced Education, Employment and Immigration, Government of Saskatchewan. I am not a teacher in the traditional sense but I frequently take on the role of educator with my colleagues and clients. I also taught in Japan for two years. I am working on my Masters in Human Resource Development and this is my 8th class.




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Jamie Forrest

Hi everyone. I teach grade 3 in the French Immersion program in Regina. This is my 8th year teaching at this level and I love it! Prior to that, I taught in middle years and before that, in high school. I am looking forward to learning and sharing with you.

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Class blog: Reflections

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Linda Pemik
I am a senior administrator at Nunavut’s only post secondary institution, Nunavut Arctic College. Our college is widely dispersed across Nunavut which covers almost 2 million sq. k. of land and water! We are a comprehensive community college offering programs ranging from literacy and adult basic education to degree programs and have 3 campuses and 25 Community Learning Centres, with about 1300 students. Developing our capacity for distance and open learning is becoming a critical priority for Nunavut. I am hoping ECI831 will help me increase my knowledge and skills in this area.
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Vanessa Lewis

Vanessa LewisGreetings everyone!
I am currently working as a Career Development Consultant within the Sun West School Division. I view the term ‘career’ slightly differently than many as, to me, one’s career is really representative of all of life’s experiences from birth to death. I view career as being one’s background, education, work (paid or unpaid), roles, relationships, responsibilities, etc. One’s career is ever-changing and continually evolving as one ages. For instance, to describe my career, I would say I am currently a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, community volunteer, educator, student, learner who enjoys fishing and family time. My background and experiences from my past influence my future and are also part of my career. I believe in the value of lifelong learning and am exploring new learnings through the Masters of Education program at the University of Regina. This is the fourth class towards my program. I am still desperately trying to decide whether or not go the theses route. Although the possibility excites me, it also terrifies me! I will continue to reflect on this as we dialogue and support one another this semester. Here’s to the journey of learning ahead!
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Blog: Wonder-FULL World
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Ola Bakri

Hi everyone
I am really glad that I am taking this course.After the first session I knew that I am going to benefit a lot. I am an Egyptian Cairo girl. This is my last course in the masters program. I work as an English teacher in the American University in Cairo (AUC).
One thing I like to say about myself is that I like classic music and piano (not playing though).

Jud Trenholm

I am currently working as a high school teacher at Greenall High School in Balgonie SK. This is my 5th year teaching and am just trying to start a video games club at the school.

Blog: Jud's Education Emporium
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Mike Weisgarber

I am currently taking my third class towards my Masters (EC&I) and have to say this class is one I am very excited to be involved with. Currently my skill set is rather limited when it comes to wiki's, twitter and other forms of social media, but hopefully this class will help to point me in the right direction.

I am known as Mr. Dubbs to virtually all students whom I have taught since the first week of my teaching career. The name's you notice for the blogs and wiki's will originate from my alter ego created by my students.

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. ~John Dewey
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Shalini Mathias

Namaste! (That is “Hello” in Hindi) I am presently working as a Graduate Research Assistant at the Centre for Teaching and Learning at the UofR. I am constantly involved with researching the pedagogical value of web 2.0 technologies and I hope to learn more about and cultivate new ideas about these technologies in this class. This is my 7th course towards my M.Ed. and I look forward to interacting with all of you this fall.


Introductory Video available here
Danielle Stinson

I am a grade 7/8 teacher in Regina. This is my 5th Masters course and I have no particular direction when I complete but I can not wait to see where it takes me! I use technology often in my class but I am always looking for ways to take it further. I am really looking forward to seeing where this class takes me!

Blog: Te(a)ch
Student Wiki: Senior Eagles
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Tricia Shynkaruk
I am currently working as a SMART certified Educational Consultant with a company called Evolution. I've been in this roll for a year and a half and its provided me with the opportunity to work with colleagues all over the province and Canada.

In my previous life :) I was a classroom teacher with Regina Catholic schools for almost 9 years.

I'm looking forward to taking this 4th class towards my Masters degree and seeing how social networking will impact my current professional strategies!



Shelley Wright

I teach grade 10-12 ELA, Bio, Chem & technology in Moose Jaw. I integrate a fair amount of technology into my classes, but there's always room for more.

This is my 2nd class towards a Master's in Ed. technology and design. I am deeply interested in the area of Social Media as I plan to do my Master's project in this area.


Kara Boehnert

I am currently on leave from the Calgary Board of Education to complete my Master's at the UofR. I have worked for the CBE since 1998 and have worked in three different high schools teaching primarily Drama but also ESL, Career and Life Management and English. I was also recently engaged so in addition to my studies, I am now happily planning our wedding!!

Здоровенькі були or Greetings!
I am originally from Ukraine and presently am working as a high school math teacher at HTC School in Sandy Bay, Saskatchewan.
It is my first course towards Masters (EC&I). I am eager to find out how far we can get on the Web 2.0 trail.