January 29 2008 - History of Ed. Tech

Meeting Topic - History of Educational Technology - Presented by Dr. Richard Schwier

Key Links

This Week's Assignments
  • Continue to reflect on your learning in your new blog, and comment and trackback to others within this class, and others educators/thinkers from around the world.
  • Reflect on Rick's session. Some questions to consider:
    • What is the importance of the material covered?
    • What are the implications of moving from individualized learning models to networked constructivism? How/will/should this translate to teaching and learning?
    • Consider this presentation in light of what you know about professional development, school change, teacher resistance, or other important educational issues.
  • Continue to work on this classes collaborative wiki project. Be sure become a space member so that your work on this sight will be recorded in the history.
  • Consider participating in an Edtech Weekly session, this is a weekly round-up of technology in education. Edtech Weekly is every Sunday at 6:00 Central (I think) at http://www.edtechtalk.com/live

Readings and Media

Tonight's Recorded Elluminate Session.