February 26 2008 - My Research Team

Meeting Topic - My Research Team - Presented by Dean Shareski

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Dean Shareski - Ideas and Thoughts

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This Week's Assignments
  • Dean brings forth his "5 Big Ideas". Do these ideas resonate with you? If so, which ones in particular?
  • Dean has stated before that he is able to do much of what he is doing because it is his job to do so and that he is given time to connect with others. He admires people like Darren Kuropatwa and Clarence Fisher because they are teachers doing all of this connecting while having to do all of the OTHER things teachers do. I would love to hear your comments on how you think it is possible that teachers can be as connected as some of the ones that are our guests. Is it fair to expect this of teachers?

Readings and Media
- Forgetting Email: New Messaging Service Has Students and Professors Atwitter - COHE
- Teaching with Twitter (Video) - COHE
- Collectivism and Connectivism - Terry Anderson
- Tips for Commenting on Blogs - Intrepid Classroom (thanks Cindy)

Tonight's Recorded Elluminate Session