March 4 2008 - Remote Access

Meeting Topic - Remote Access - Presented by Clarence Fisher

Elluminate Session

Key Links
Clarence Fisher - Remote Access
Clarence K12 presentation -
Clarence's Classroom Pictures
Clay Burrell - Beyond School
Many Voices Project
Website Network Generator
Nata Village Blog
Many Voices Dafur Blog - from Mr. Mayo's class
International Teenlife
David Pollard on Social Fluency
Reggie Ryan Disertation

Classroom As Studio

Architect Ted Talks
Ross Lovegrove
Frank Gehry

This Week's Assignments
  • We will be looking at going into Second Life next week. Take some time to explore Second Life. Get an account, take some time to learn the tool, and we will take you on a tour next week and talk about the implications for education.
Readings and Media

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