January 22 2008 - Day In The Life of ...

Meeting Topic - Day in the Life of an Edtech - Presented by Darren Kuropatwa - Key Links

Assignments from Last Week
  • Begin to write/think about the implications of the social web. What have you learned so far? What do you see as the problems of so many tools? What are the implications for education? What are the implications for our schools (e.g, admin, teachers, students, technicians, parents).
  • Be sure to have subscribed to all EC&I 831 participant blogs. Read and comment on posts where appropriate. Extend this activity to the larger educational community.
  • Join the Google Groups Community I have set up for this course. It can be found at http://www.google.com/group/eci831. This will be used for more direct communication in this course.
  • Extend out deeper into the educational online community. Ideas for this may include getting a Twitter account (and getting connected to others) or joining in on an edtechtalk session. Blog reflections are always encouraged.

This Week's Assignments
  • Continue to reflect on your learning in your new blog, and comment and trackback to others within this class, and others educators/thinkers from around the world.
  • Reflect on Darren's session. Some questions to consider:
    • What are the implications for teachers? Learners?
    • What types of learning/learners are favoured? Implications?
    • Consider this presentation in light of what you know about professional development, school change, teacher resistance, or other important educational issues.
  • Begin working on this classes collaborative wiki project. Be sure become a space member so that your work on this sight will be recorded in the history.
  • Consider participating in an Edtech Weekly session, this is a weekly round-up of technology in education. Edtech Weekly is every Sunday at 6:00 Central (I think) at http://www.edtechtalk.com/live

Readings and Media

Tonight's Recorded Elluminate Session.