January 27, 2009 - Age of Social Learning

Meeting Topic - Age of Social Learning
  • The topic for this week regards the (re)shifting focus of technology in education from highly individualized learning to social and collaborative learning. The presentation will first describe the theoretical changes, then move to the practical and pedagogical implications of this shift.
  • Slides available below:

Check Your Progress
By now, you should have already accomplished the following:
  • You now understand the course format, assessments, and activities.
  • You have viewed the previous sessions, either face-to-face or via recording.
  • You begun reading the articles and media available on the "readings" page or at the bottom of each week.
  • You have a blog, and you have averaged 1-2 thoughtful posts per week of the course.
  • You have a Google Account, and have used Google Reader to subscribe to blogs of others in the course, and other educational blogs (many are listed on the Edubloggers page).
  • You have added your blog and bio information to the participant directory.

This Week's Tasks
  • Have you thought about a major digital project? One of the best ways to get started on this is to review projects of students from last year. If you look at the archived Directory Page (Winter 2008), you will be able to review many of the projects from former students.
  • You may want to consider exploring Delicious, a social bookmark manager. Continue to explore other tools, and post your reflections when inspired.

Readings and Media

The Elluminate Recording for this Session can be found here.