March 3, 2009 - Return of EC&I 831 (Winter 08)

Meeting Topic - Return of EC&I 831 (Winter 08)

  • This week, we will be joined by the EC&I 831 section from Winter 2008. They will share with us, in conversation, their experiences in and since the class related to their teaching, learning, and connecting.
  • After introductions, some of the guiding questions for tonight's session will include:
    • What was your overall experience in EC&I 831 including barriers, struggles and accomplishments (re: your learning, your program, and your profession)?
    • In what ways (if any) has it informed your practice?
    • What is necessary for us (mostly Canadian teachers) to move forward to respond to 21st century learners?
    • What can we do within the province (and beyond) to create such communities of practice, personal learning networks, or to improve professional collaboration?
    • Other things of importance (especially those that the follow questions miss/avoid/overshadow?

Readings and Media

The Elluminate Recording for this Session can be found here .