September 8, 2009

Meeting Topic - Introductions, Assessments, & Activities
  • Introductions
  • Orientation to Elluminate Live! (see the Elluminate Quick Reference Guide)
  • Goals of the course
    • scope of assessments (possible due dates, formative & summative, peer review).
    • course format (weekly readings, types of participation).
    • overview of openness and how it relates to this educational experience.
  • Schedule and overview of presenters
  • Communication protocols, required & recommended tools
  • Tags (eci831, eci831readings, eci831tools) & tag tracking.
  • Questions, technical Problems, & troubleshooting

Weekly Tasks
  • Familiarization with the course wiki (what you're reading) and the course materials.
  • Participants will create a personal blog using any blogging service or tool. is recommended as an easy-to-use, reliable service. One you have your blog set up, please send the URL to your instructor (
  • Create an introductory blog post marking the beginning of your journey. You may want to include: an introduction of yourself (professional and/or personal), your perceived skill & knowledge level of this subject area, expectations of the course, initial impressions). Be sure to tag your posts with eci831.
  • Participants will create a Google account and a Delicious account. A Twitter account is recommended, and if you do create one, please add me on Twitter (@courosa).

Next Week's Tasks (Get Ahead If You Can)
  • Begin subscribing to edublogs via Google Reader. There are many excellent edublogs here and here. Be sure to subscribe to the course blog. I will also provide you with a list of for-credit student blogs (once they are all submitted).
  • Completion of the introductory activity, adding a bio page and video to the course wiki.
  • Watch The Machine is (Changing) Us by Michael Wesch. View the video with these questions in mind: What is going on here? Do you see these same changes? What does it mean for education (and specifically for you as as teacher)?

Readings and Media

The Elluminate Recording for this week is available here.