September 22, 2009

Connect HERE (via Elluminate) at 7 p.m. Saskatchewan Time (click to convert to your timezone)

Introductory Announcements:
1) First, thanks to those who submitted introductory videos to our course. Some examples include:
- Stephen Banks (Lousana, AB, Canada)
- Anne-Marie Holmwood (Kelowna, BC, Canada)
- Jay Willimott (Regina, SK, Canada)
- Mike Bogle (Sidney, Australia)
- GriffinMaus (Casper, Wyoming)
- Justine aka @AuroraLee (Nova Scotia, Canada)
- Sherry Alvarez (Guatemala)
- Allison Treble (Saskatoon, SK, Canada)
- @windsordi (Windsor, ON, Canada)
- Andrea Ward (Regina, SK, Canada)

2) Student blog post of the week by Allison Treble is found here. The post has received many excellent comments from our course community and I believe it provides insight into the possible relationships among credit and non-credit students.

3) Clint Lalonde (from Victoria, BC, Canada) has created a megafeed of many of the course related feeds (blogs, Twitter, Google, etc.). It doesn't include everything, but will bring together one feed for many of the important information feeds for the class tags. Subscribe to the feed with this link.

4) Jennifer Maddrell (Doctoral Student, Old Dominion University) is conducting research focused on synchronous communication in online courses. She is looking for individuals willing to participate in her research study. The online survey she has prepared can be found here.

5) Thanks to all of those who have been tagging their blog or Twitter posts with 'eci831'. This has been very helpful. Thanks also to all of those who have been tagging links through Delicious as 'eci831readings' and 'eci831tools'.

Meeting Topic - Introduction to Learning Networks (guest Dr. Richard Schwier)


  • More information re: the presentation will be added here post-presentation.

Weekly Tasks:

These tasks are assigned to for-credit students, but we'd love participation from non-credit students! Use the appropriate tag (eci831, eci831readings, eci831tools) to become part of our conversation & learning.

Last Week (September 15-21/09)

This Week (September 22-28)
  • Media response - respond to the following question in a digital medium of your choice (e.g., blog post, Youtube post, audio etc.). Be sure to tag the artefact with 'eci831'.
    • So we know that social learning matters. We know that people form communities in formal and informal environments. How far should we go, as educators, to support non-formal and informal learning? How do we deal with the fact that we are part of a formal system when we know that a heck of a lot of learning (many say, most) happens outside of our formal learning systems? Where do we fit into this? Or in summary, the key question to consider is "what is our role in non-formal learning?"
  • Suggested reading - "Connectivism: A Learning Theory for the Digital Age" by George Siemens. He is our guest presenter next week. George will also share a new article for review, and I will post it in this space once available.
  • Suggested viewing - (on teenagers who are) Living and Learning with Social Media by danah boyd.

Other Readings and Media

The Elluminate Recording is available here.