October 5, 2010

Connect HERE (via Elluminate) at 7 p.m. Saskatchewan Time (click to convert to your timezone)

Meeting Topic - History of Educational Technology & Intro to Learning Communities

Introductory Announcements
  • Students may want to consider turning off the comment moderation in their blogs. If there is too much time taken to moderate blogs comments, often, opportunities for conversation may be lost. To turn off (or modify) comment moderation in your Wordpress blog, go to your Dashboard, then settings, discussion. This is usually how I have my settings - of course, you can always change this back if you have any issues.
  • There are now 14 students from the class on Twitter. You can see (and easily follow) the complete EC&I 831 Twitter list here. Several of you are quite active in this space, and I'm hoping that others do give it a shot. Let me know if you need any help understanding how this tool works and how to get connected to others. Also, you can get a sense of how people are using Twitter in this class by watching the #eci831 tag (you don't need an account to view).
  • There have been some excellent posts from students. A few posts that demonstrate good practice include:
    • Community by Shawna - excellent reflection on community (well-written, includes visuals, provides background information, uses hyperlinks, asks questions of audience);
    • Reactions to Michael Wesch by Lisa - sound, critical reflections (well-written, includes visuals and video embeds, links to literature & other students in the class, and even provoked a response from Michael Wesch himself)
    • A Week of Learning by Jamie - reflections on learning, not just in class (demonstrates someone who has gained a decent audience momentum, alludes to relevance of Twitter, and also the blog has itself has added features - profile, pages, clustermap, etc.)
  • Do we need a forum? What do you think?

Content That May Be Relevant to this Weeks Presentation

Weekly Tasks
  • Be sure you are subscribed to all course blogs - please let me know if you do not understand how to do so.
  • Have you finished the introductory assignments?
  • Thinking you're ready to try Twitter?
  • By now, you should have a solid idea about what you will do for your project. Share this with your instructor if you would like some feedback.

Media To Get You Thinking

The Elluminate Recording for this week is available here.