November 9, 2010

Connect HERE (via Elluminate) at 7 p.m. Saskatchewan Time (click to convert to your timezone)

Meeting Topic - The UnSession - Various Topics By Students
  • Welcome
  • Elluminate Refresher (see the Elluminate Quick Reference Guide)
  • Introductory Announcements
  • UnSession #1: "What's (Not So) Good About Social Media" - facilitated by Jud Trenholm and Lisa
    M Lane ... - 20 minutes
  • UnSession #2: "Sharing with colleagues" - facilitated by Angela Byrnes and Jamie Forrest - 20 minutes
  • UnSession #3: "Social Media for Assessment" - facilitated by Tania Sterling - 20 minutes
  • UnSession #4: "Social Media, Leadership & Admin" - facilitated by Lyn Hilt - 20 minutes

Introductory Announcements
  • Here are a few strong posts from this week:
    • Consumer Power & Social Media - by Vanessa. A great post describing the consumer's new relationship with marketing.
    • Conversations - by Shelley. A reflective post on the need to change, and sometimes, structure/curriculum getting in the way.
    • Ever the Optimist - by Linda. A strong post looking at how technology, if used appropriately, can transform learning relationships.
    • Digital Tiptoeing Along - by Jamie. An exploration of online identity.
    • Assessment - by Shawna. A thoughtful contemplation of learning, assessment, and practice

Weekly Tasks
  • Have you begun your final project?
  • Are you blogging weekly?
  • Are you connecting with others?

Media To Get You Thinking

The Elluminate Recording for this week is available here.