November 10, 2009

Connect HERE (via Elluminate) at 7 p.m. Saskatchewan Time (click to convert to your timezone)

Introductory Announcements:
  • Trevor Meister has set up a virtual world for our perusal. If you have never experienced virtual worlds, you may considering doing so. Here are instructions from Trevor.

Meeting Topic - Understanding (Social) Media

Weekly Tasks:

These tasks are assigned to for-credit students, but we'd love participation from non-credit students! Use the appropriate tag (eci831, eci831readings, eci831tools) to become part of our conversation & learning.

Last Week (November 3 - November 09/09)
  • Nothing assigned, week for catch-up.

This Week (November 10 - November 16/09)
  • Respond to the question, "What are the new media literacies, and how should teachers and/or schools address these?". Here's a short video that you may want to use as a writing prompt.
  • Read Bud Hunt's (@budtheteacher) post on Internet filtering and the comments that follow. What are you views on filtering content in the classroom? How should teachers, schools, and districts/divisions deal with issues of content filtering? Support your points.

Other Readings and Media

The Elluminate Recording is available here.