Call for Network Mentors

For the Fall 2010 semester, I would like to attempt a new strategy in helping to ensure the success of my graduate students taking this course. Many of my students are new to social media and networked learning, and I believe the best strategy for becoming a networked learner is supported immersion in these environments.

Non-credit students can participate in several ways, but I am calling for the help of others in my network who are willing to more actively and closely support these learners. Early thoughts on how this support would look include:
  • subscribing to the blog feeds of one or more of the students and being and active commenter on their posts (e.g., similar to that of a critical friend );
  • following and supporting the learner(s) on Twitter;
  • providing advice, ideas, or support through other media (e.g., Skype); and,
  • support of students when considering and completing their assessments in this course.

When I meet my students early in September, I will discuss this idea with them. Once we have gone over the details, I will proceed with trying to match my learners with volunteers. For this to work, I am fully aware that there needs to be a development of trust amongst participants. If all goes ahead, I am hoping that we can connect learners by about the third week or end of September, 2010. The course ends in early December, 2010.

If you are at all interested in this opportunity, I'll ask you to fill out this Google form. And, because I am asking for your email address, I will keep this information confidential.

I am looking forward to the possibilities. I will communicate with all volunteers via email by September 28, 2010.